Our vision is to provide a safe haven of caring people, engaging experiences, and meaningful resources that inspire, educate and empower your family.


The D'Light House Family Center desires to see every child in the safest place for him or her to be--in a home with loving parents. We envision children receiving the love and guidance they need for personal, spiritual and social growth.


Imagine with us, a community where youth resist making decisions that harm themselves and others. We see adults carefully preparing for healthy relationships and lifelong marriages. Research shows that married couples are reportedly happier, healthier, and wealthier. We envision our communities thriving with loving families for generations to come. 




About us

Our mission is to strengthen families by providing a supportive network within which youth and adults grow in their love for God, themselves, and others. 


The safest place for a child is in his or her home with their loving mother and father. A child raised by their married parents is least likely to live in poverty and engage in risky behaviors. Supporting family unity supports the well-being of our children and the health of our economy:


  • An average divorce costs taxpayers about $30,000.

  • In 2007, nearly 4 in 10 births were to unmarried women

  • In Ohio in 2009, there were nearly 65,000 marriages and 37,000 divorces.


Tifani Kendrick is the founder and Executive Director of D'Light House Family Center, Inc. Tifani is a wife, mother, and advocate for youth and families. She earned her Bachelor of Specialized Studies in Youth Empowerment from Ohio University and has over 15 years of experience serving youth and families.


After fulfilling her nine-year commitment to the Miracle-Gro Kids scholarship program, she was offered a position as COSI's Manager of Youth Outreach leading several youth-serving initiatives. Currently, Tifani serves as the Youth Minister for Family Fellowship Church of Christ in Gahanna, OH. As a speaker, workshop facilitator, and mentor, Tifani Kendrick's greatest fulfillment is helping others experience God's personal love for all His creation.