The Destiny Center for Youth 

Together, we support adults in developing and maintaining healthy relationships and promote life-long marriage between one man and one woman. We partner with other ministries and organizations to facilitate interactive discussions. Through the network, adults have access to meaningful materials and resources. Adults in the network are encouraged to think more critically about the purpose of marriage and the consequences of divorce. 


Our activities and events include:

  • Casual Conversations Partnership

  • Date Nights

  • Referrals to counseling services and other resources

  • Online connections and encouragement


Sponsor Youth Today!

Partner with us to provide meaningful and memorable experiences for youth. Our programs empower youth to be their best selves through interactive workshops, connections with caring adults, and platforms for sharing their voice.

Public sponsors are recognized for their support and promoted to our network of families and friends through social media and other platforms. We appreciate any level of support!

Other Activities & Resources

Together, we host activities that engage the entire family. We know the importance of providing opportunities for parents and their children to connect and have fun. Join the family for meaningful and memorable experiences at locations throughout our city, such as COSI and theatrical productions. We host Family Gatherings and the Destined 4 Greatness Youth Celebration to unite our community in honoring the value of family.


The Godly Intentions Relationship Network




Together, we strengthen families & empower youth


  • All THAT

  • Barber Zone

  • C. Celeste LaCour, Leigh's Legacy Foundation

  • Central Community House

  • COSI

  • Crown Gems

  • Eryn PiNK

  • Family Fellowship Church of Christ

  • Femergy

  • First Church of God

  • Girls Night Out Slumber Party

  • Huck House

  • I.C.E. Mentors

  • The Mentoring Center of Central Ohio

  • Maroon Arts Group

  • Rise Sister Rise

  • Royce's Hair Salon

  • Tamekia Smith

  • The ADAMH Board

  • The Center for Family Safety & Healing

  • Women's Life Chapters 800, 813, and 820

  • Youth 2 Youth International

100% of our individual and couple

participants would recommend our

experiences to a friend.

Through our programs, youth are connected with caring adults in our community. We had a great time working with these students to help them Be Greater, Do Greater! 

Together, we help youth discover, cultivate, and activate their gifts, talents, and skills. We provide safe and engaging environments for youth to share life experiences and learn about pathways to success. Youth are connected to caring adults and resources to increase their leadership in the community. Our workshops help youth gain confidence in their ability to inspire others.  As a result, our cities have greater access to encouraging messages expressed by youth that promote peace, love, and creativity.


Our in-school program:

The Destined 4 Greatness Youth Empowerment Program 

connects students with mentors who guide them in developing

four essential elements of greatness:

  1. Great sense of self identity,

  2. Great spiritual foundation,

  3. Great relationships, and

  4. Great outlook on life


Contact us to learn more about how we help students develop leadership skills that are applicable to their scholastic and life success.


Our community outreach programs: